Construction of swimming pools in Almeria and Murcia

Personalised pool construction
All types of pool decoration

We make your dreams a reality

One of our main principal aims is the constructions of pools in Almeria and Murcia. We have available a catalogue of models and we also do personalised projects.

In our technical department we take care of planning the hydraulic engineering, tunnels, slides, filtering systems, artificial decorations, games for children, equipment automation, metal structures, etc.

The process of construction of our pools covers from the design by our technical department, the construction by our labourers and landscapers and, if required, water maintenance that are optimum for swimming

The pool is an element that multiples the value of your houses and combining it with our experience in landscaping and urbanism we can create really spectacular atmospheres

In our natural pool we can recreate the environment of your home, create a joint with the aesthetics of the garden or build its own landscape with waterfalls, natural rock... A walk in the water.

In addition to the creation of economic pools and more customized projects we can assume a wide variety of works such as hot tubs, spas, saunas, resorts and water parks.

  • Rectangular pools
  • Circular Pools
  • Oval Pools
  • Free form pools
  • Public Pools
  • Overflowing pools

OFFER POOL 8X4 metres	OFFER POOL 8X4 metres

We have on offer the pool model 8X4 that includes two steps and for only15.500€. Take advantage of what we are offering you with this built pool with gresite tiles, two spotlights and a shower tray with shower.

Sports Pool Sports Pool

We carry out the construction of sports pools for public entities and sports associations, gyms etc.We build Olympic pool and semi Olympic pools in climate controlled covered buildings and outside totally fitted out for swimming

Pool Maintenance	Pool Maintenance

We carry out the integral maintenance of pools. Refurbishments and physical repairs to the structure and systems and watermaintenance so that it is an optimum state for swimming. We offer our pool smaintenance service to individuals, residential areas, business, public entities, etc.

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